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Wallonia - Brussels


Definition of a manuscript

1. The selection criteria

2. The following factors are optional

2. The following are not currently included in the inventory

Three categories of information

All the manuscripts kept in Wallonia and Brussels (nearly 1,300 codices from the Middle Ages) are currently contained in our computer system. For standardisation reasons, and in order to guarantee the relevance of the information, each notice corresponding to the description of a manuscript was corrected, standardised and supervised by the project’s scientific committee, or by the institution that holds the manuscript, before being put online.

1. Information concerning administration and logistics

2. General information on the manuscript collections

3. Targeted information on each manuscript


Where does the information come from?

Logistical or administrative information concerning the place where the manuscripts are kept is provided by:

General information on the manuscript collections is provided by:

The information concerning the individual details of each manuscript originates from:

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